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Children in the field from school


UNICEF has been in Lesotho since 1967, serving as the national advocate for children and a trusted government partner for more than 50 years. UNICEF’s efforts have significantly improved the school enrolment rate – it is near universal at the primary level and has nearly doubled in early education – and have resulted in important policies that facilitate inclusive learning environments for all children. UNICEF’s work with various government ministries helped to build a sector-wide approach to education. One example is the 2013 National Policy for Integrated Early Childhood Care and Development, which successfully enumerates the comprehensive services including education, protection, health and nutrition, and stronger cross-sector coordination, all of which must be administered in early childhood. UNICEF also provides early childhood educators with comprehensive training before they enter classrooms and after they have begun teaching. Creating a specific diploma in Early Childhood Development has also helped convey the importance of this field.

Children in the field from school

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